Australian Public Information Kit (ND)

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A vinyl folder containing a workbook with information on P.I. service work; selection of pamphlets; A.A. Guidelines; catalog, and order forms.

Conference Approved Pamphlets

  • 03R-01 This is AA
  • 03R-02 FAQ About AA
  • 03R-03 Is AA For You?
  • 03R-06 A Members Eye View of AA
  • 03R-07 AA for the Older Alcoholic
  • 03R-12 Do You Think You’re Different?
  • 03R-15 Is There An Alcoholic In Your Life?
  • 03R-17 Problems Other Than Alcohol
  • 03R-18 Too Young?
  • 03R-20 AA And The Gay/Lesbian Alcoholic
  • 05PI-01.1 Australian PI Workbook
  • 05PI-03 How AA Members Co-Operate                                                         
  • 05PI-05 Alcoholics Anonymous in your Community                          
  • 05PI-06 Understanding Anonymity                                                                 
  • 05PI-07 A Brief Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous                                           
  • 05PI-08 Let’s Be Friendly With Our Friends                                        
  • 05PI-10 Speaking at Non-AA Meetings                                                          
  • 05PI-13 A5 PI Poster (Colour)
  • 05PI-14 A4 PI Poster (Colour)
  • 05PI-23 Poster 7 Pack
  • 05PI-24 PI Folder
  • 05PI-25 PI Sticker
  • 05PI-29 Young People PI postcard Male
  • 05PI-30 Young People PI postcard Female                                 
  • 05P-02 AA as a Resource for the Health Care Professional             
  • 06P-03 The Clergy Ask About Alcoholics Anonymous                                  
  • 06P-04 If you are a Professional                                                                    
  • 06P-05 Three Talks to Medical Societies by Bill W                           
  • 09F-01 AA At A Glance
  • 09F-04 Message To Teenagers


  • G-07 PI/CPC                                                                                               
  • G-08 Court & Similar Programs                                                                 
  • G-11 Relationship Between AA & Al-Anon                                     
  • G-17 For AA Members Employed In The Field                              
  • G-19 Forming Local Committees on CPC            


  • PI/CPC Planner
  • 2022 Membership Survey